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Ohhh Heyyyy you beautiful person you!
Hmm.. So I guess I should tell you a little about me hey? Well apart from being the Owner & Head Doodler here (Actually I'm the only doodler :P),  I'm a 32 year old canadian stay at home #boymama to 3 boys under the age of 7. (Phewwww, thats a mouthful!) So to say the least between the running the shop, doodling, and taking care of 3 kiddos, I keep myself busy. ;)

This crazy idea all started in 2015, I stumbled across this sticker obsession on YouTube one day, when one of my favourite influencers posted a Plan With Me. And from there it began, I knew I wanted to create my own stickers. What could be better then getting to use these creative juices, being a freaking girl boss, all while staying at home with my boys? Shortly after, our sassy pal Beedoo was born, and the rest was history. What started as a hobbie of doodling on my ipad, has now become my job. How lucky am I? And it's all because of you.
Outside the shop, I spend my spare time with my friends & family. Whether it being around the table playing a board game, or on a camping trip with friends. As well as doodling (Honestly I never stop... ) & crafting. (I am currently obsessed with making home decor.) 
I am incredibly honored to have had your support over the last few years. This shop is beyond my wildest dreams, and I'm forever grateful.
Xo, M.
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