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School Bus BD-183 | 23 Hand Drawn Planner Stickers


This set will include 23 hand drawn Beedoo stickers. These stickers are hand drawn by yours truly so you won't find anything like it anywhere else!

These stickers come on a sheet, are easy to peel and ready to use. They are printed on white MATTE label paper. Please don't hesitate to contact my shop if you'd like a custom order or something specific. I would love to make the perfect items for your planner!

These stickers are a great way to decorate your planner, can also be used to decorate your scrapbook, or you can decorate anything else you'd like!

White Label Paper
- Matte Finish
- All pens will work, even pencils

In order to keep shipping costs down there is no tracking available for these items! If you would wish to have tracking available please contact me so I can figure out the additional costs! :)

** Colors may appear different on screen and when printed depending on the type of paper you choose.

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I hope you love your stickers just as much as I do!


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